We Counsel 24X7

Startup / SaaS / Web App


This web site has primary objective to facilitate intercation between counsellors & their client via video conference. It takes care of appointment and payment system for counsellors

Project Goals

  • No plugin or installable component for the video conference or other modules
  • User should get response in less than 5 seconds
  • Provide visual clue where ever possible
  • Input validation on client side either using javascript or ajax
  • Record and alert the support team, all unexpected failure before user reports it

Our Solution

We have chosen WebRTC framework proposed by Google for real time communication. Designed the internal system to be resilient with any unexpected scenario. Our users always land to desired page very fast or they find visible clue if anything is missing at their end.


Happy customer & customer support team. Most of the time support team of the company knows the solution in advance.

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