IDL & Tool Kits

Startup / SaaS / Web App

  • Client: Acme Online Interiors (not real name)
  • What we did: App & System development, UX design
  • Site link: Prototype (Client is in stealth mode)


Our client wanted to provide reasonably good interior design almost in real time. Industry standard tools (e.g 3D Max etc.) do great job but rendering is a batch job and it takes time. Quick and dirty image stitching (2-D editing) is very fast but it never produces realistic output. Another challenge for the client was to search the design from archives based on various attributions (e.g colour, room type etc.)

Project Goals

  • In-browser design editor for interiors with close to realistic output quality
  • Design search based on attribution from archive
  • Auto-design generator
  • Image transformer to trapezium shape (without losing quality)
  • Record and alert the support team of all unexpected failure before user reports it

Our Solution

We solved the problem to edit interior designs in real time with the help of 3-D backed data model while image rendering in 2-D space. Our proprietary language IDL (Interior Design Language) plays key role in achieving the same.

Our attribute search framework makes it possible to search a design from regular file system on the computer very fast. Our system does automatic indexing based on custom defined parameters and makes it possible to find a design in seconds which otherwise takes minutes and sometimes not possible at all.

Our extended tools kit provides facility to generate dynamic composition of design and transforms regular image to trapezium shape for different purposes.


Happy customer & customer support team. Most of the time support team of the company knows the solution in advance.

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